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Birichino Chenin Blanc Jurassic



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As in 2013, 2017 and 2020, a modest level of botrytis formed in Jurassic Park, a most fortuitous occurrence, as the pourriture noble or noble rot, seems to catalyze the expression of all of the myriad elements of Chenin Blanc. More than a touch of the slightly severe, saline, sea air quality the winery last saw in 2015, propels the 2021 in a completely unexpected direction, and they have elected this year to ferment the wine completely dry. Not to name drop, and they’d would never suggest the Jurassic Park Chenin could double for a wine from the central Loire (nor should it, nor need it), but if one were to draw some sort of analogy, they might say there is some of the flowers and honey and Granny Smith apple from a pretty vintage of Vouvray, alongside a very healthy dose of wooliness, brimstone, oyster shell and ocean air (that odd descriptor again!?!?) one might associate with the larger scaled wines of Savennières
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